Looking for knock-out

wedding florals?

This is it. Your wedding. It’s finally here and we want to join you in creating something memorable, bespoke and personal to you. But do we deserve this honour? It’s up to you.

Blush believes that the power of a space combined with the people in it, sets the tone for the whole day.  When you walk into a room, the environment tells you what to expect.  When the potential of a space is pushed to the limit, it generates a collective buzz from the crowd. This visual high heightens emotions, enhances the moment – and ensures we remember. This is what we’re all about.

So, we start with flowers. Throughout time and throughout the world, flowers are the language of love and the marker of occasions. There are few moments more special than when the gathering turns to see the bride on the aisle, bouquet in her hands. But where you go from there is up to you.

From buttonholes to installations strung from the rafters – you’re only limited by your imagination, but you’re not limited by ours. We’re a team of forward-thinking flower-lovers, continually developing our craft to be at the forefront of floral design. Our style isn’t one thing; it’s inspired by the individuality of your wedding and it’s ever-changing like fashion. We’re not followers, and we don’t do things by halves.

But flowers are not where we end.

Our creative team knows no bounds, and with their wild ideas come boring practicalities. Behind every ceiling-hung installation and standalone archway are the structures required to bring it to life. Gathered over our decade of experience, we have a library of these props and accessories, as well as all the vase-ware you could ever want.


Bridal Party Florals

No bride is complete without her bouquet, and this is where we begin. From here, your brief will determine the complete adornment of your bridal party. Bridesmaids bouquets; crown or hair-piece; buttonholes and corsages; petals or pomander ball for the flower girl; even a floral collar for a favourite pet.

Wedding Floral Stying

Bring us your vision for your ceremony and reception wedding florals, and we’ll design and create something bespoke, personalized and reflective of the occasion. As we continually evolve our craft we find ourselves presented with new ways to do this’, there are so many new ways we can do this. We’re head over heels for beautiful blooms in a hand-crafted vase, but we also love freestanding archways, towering table centerpieces with custom stands, ceiling-hung hoops for drama, or lush flower walls the length of a room.

Full Styling

When there is no limit. As well as what is covered by Bridal Party Flowers and Wedding Floral Styling, the Full Styling of your wedding will cover each and every detail, from the stationary and signage, to the florals, furniture, table settings and lighting. Our Creative Director will personally design and manage your wedding, from the initial consultation and design meetings through to the execution on the day.