The Rose Machine

The Rose Machine

It has taken a bit to finally get this Journal going as most of my time is spent quoting, bill paying, and sourcing flowers, but I want to share all the things we know and love to help educate you on what makes Blush and our industry tick. A few years back we had the pleasure of spending a morning with Kate at Van Lier Nurseries to see their fantastic operation, it was super to take the time to see all that goes into growing flowers and the processes to ensure they meet the very high standards this family and team have set for themselves.

"Harry Van Lier is third generation to the business, his Dad (Theo) before him and Opa (Walter) before that. They have been in the business for over 50 years! It's been an amazing adventure and each generation brings something new to Van Lier, from what they want to achieve and how it's structured to run. We aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible here it's a big part of our business model. We didn't like how much plastic was being used in the floral industry so we sourced paper packaging to minimise our footprint. We are really focused on being part of the solution, not the problem."



"I think we worked out we end up touching each rose about 7 times during its process; from the point of planting to disbudding where we remove extra rose buds, to working the crop and getting rid of unnecessary foliage, right through to our bunching, grading, and packaging, before it goes out to a florist. We invest so much into each Rose and all our staff have been trained and are experts in what they do."



Meeting Kate and being shown the process at Van Lier firsthand was a humbling experience. Kate and the staff work tirelessly with love and great dedication to produce their flowers and supply us with great quality flowers to enable us to pass them along in our creations to you. x


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